South African Environmental Observation Network
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South Africa

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SAEON Ndlovu (Zulu for elephant) is a branch of SAEON which focuses on the understanding of environmental change in the savanna biome of South Africa. The branch is located at Kruger National Park in Phalaborwa and operates a number of long term research projects in the north east of the country, national parks, protected areas, mining areas and rural pasture areas. This spatial priority area includes a variety of ecosystems all experiencing environmental changes which occur in a big part of southern Africa and in some cases globally. The scientific focus of this branch is to collect and analyze long term data to understand the causes and effects of the great ecological changes in the north east of South Africa. SAEON Ndlovu has three main research focuses: 1) Effects of land use and climate on biodiversity and productivity of savanna ecosystems. 2) Identifying the effects of global change to South African ecosystems. 3) Biodiversity and hydrology of rivers