Phone: + 27 12 841 2911


Physical Address
Meiring Naudé Road
South Africa

Postal Address
PO Box 395
Pretoria 0001
South Africa

: The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, commonly known as the CSIR, is the biggest South African research and development organisation, known to the BMBF from its cooperation with several other major projects. Especially referring to the iWaGSS research project, CSIR is an attractive cooperation partner, as it can draw on the ongoing South African funded water ecology research projects. Also CSIR can complementarily run additional projects with funds of WRC or other sponsors. CSIR’s interest in a cooperation is generally based upon the fact that CSIR research projects are complementarily adding up with the objectives of iWaGSS. As an example the specific work focuses on “water resource management and governance” and “monitoring” as well as the usage of drones for water monitoring and management in which CSIR is not active yet, though sees it as a future topic, especially in South Africa.