Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management at the Witten/Herdecke University

Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 44
58455 Witten

Phone.: +49 2302 91401-0


The IEEM gGmbH – Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management at the Witten/Herdecke University units the academic fields of “Technology” (engineering) and “Economy” to form a special field of applied science in the broad field of classic sanitary environmental engineering (water, wastewater, waste) in close connection with applied environment economy.

Being an independent “at-Institute” at the Witten/Herdecke private university without any institutional state funding, the IEEM has to secure that all activities and projects are financed either by third-party funds or donations. The objective of the institute is to develop innovative technical and economical solutions, adjust them to a respective local situation and transfer them internationally in order to enable sustainable economic activities and the protection of environmental resources.

With this the bottle-neck-factor is not forcedly the shortage in finance, yet very often political-institutional controlling errors as well as errors in the technical-economical structure, which are leading to a certain malfunctioning of the going concern (→ emerging countries) and/or to additional costs that could have been avoided (→ industrial countries). Due to this the development of modern management methods and organisational structures, suitable for allowing an optimum arrangement of technical and institutional concepts, is indispensable. With this the inseparable connection between technical and economical know-how is absolutely decisive. With holistic understanding the engineers and economists of the IEEM are achieving efficient technical and environment sound solutions not only for water supply and wastewater disposal – inclusive wastewater reuse – but also for the solid waste and the closed loop recycling management.

For decades already especially the manager and founder of IEEM gGmbH, Professor Dr. mult. K.-U. Rudolph, has been one of the leading scientists in Germany and an internationally well-respected expert in all economic aspects of water management. Among other professional institutions and associations Professor Rudolph is a member of DWA, BDE, VDI, Chamber of Engineers etc..