Global Water Franchise Agency
Lahnstraße 31
12055 Berlin

Phone: +493020164242-0


The Global Water Franchise Agency GmbH (GWFA) is a Joint Venture of the RE-MONDIS group (http://www.remondis-aqua.com) and the Prof. Dr. Dr. Rudolph GmbH – Consultancy for Water Technology and Management (CEEM – http://www.professor-rudolph.de/en). GWFA combines a broad range of services from its shareholder companies and their experience from global projects in the water and wastewater sector.


GWFA offers their customers an extensive portfolio of consultancy and engineering services in the fields of water supply, wastewater treatment, waste management as well organisation and management. In addition, all aspects of project implementation or project management in the water and wastewater sector can be covered (e.g. technical and administrative planning, optimisation, value analysis, tender offer). On behalf of public and private clients, GWFA conducts design engineering, operational management consultation or universal cost reduction programs and survey reports. For this purpose, GWFA can rely on their experience from more than 250 projects in the water supply, wastewater treatment and waste management sector.


Furthermore, GWFA possesses expertise in all areas of communal and industrial wastewater management and the operation and maintenance of technical water facilities. GWFA develops and optimises sustainable wastewater management concepts for communal and industrial clients around the globe, tailored to local conditions (climatic, sociocultural, technical, economic).


For all services regarding the operation of water facilities, GWFA involves local partners in order to establish continuous transfer of know-how and to ensure long-term sustainable operation for their clients. Therefore, GWFA offers a water franchise cooperation model that has been awarded first place in the global “Development Marketplace” competition of 2006 and the “WEX Global Award for Innovation” in the category Finance/Partnerships in 2014. Accordingly, capacity development and transfer of expertise to local partners and stakeholders is integral part of GWFA’s business model and a critical success factor for international projects.

In the iWaGSS project, the GWFA is responsible for the Work Package:
AP6 Optimised operating and management concepts