Integrated Water
Governance Support


GROW – Joint Project iWaGSS: Developing and testing of an innovative water governance system to mitigate water stress and to manage water resources sustainably in regions with overstretched water resources in Africa and worldwide.


Our Objective

The Objective of the research project is the development and practical pilot implementation of an innovative water governance system basing on new technologies and tools for mitigating water stress and for a sustainable management of water resources in regions with qualitative and quantitative overused water resources. The project shall contribute to solve the urgent challenges in the field of the global resource water and to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). The overall aim of the project is increasing the control competence in the water sector (good governance).


real time
water management

The final product should be a computer-based real-time water management system (Decision Support System, real-time-DSS). It consists of a real time monitoring network for water quality monitoring according to implemented standards and limits, risk assessment and hydrological models. Based on those factors the system creates a description of the status quo and a risk profile to which recommendations for action are assigned (e.g. an emergency plan with immediate measures).


The iWaGSS concept shall be implemented and demonstrated in a south African pilot region

The pilot region in the North East of South Africa, on the border with Mozambique, has been selected in close cooperation with South African partners. The development of the region is particularly vulnerable to water-related problems and there is concrete demand of operative governance principles. Because of the specific location potential cross-border water conflicts are taken into account and therefore relevant approaches are developed. The practical demonstration area with the world-famous Kruger National Park serves as a flagship project for the global dissemination of the modular iWaGSS water management system.